What is global education and how are teachers helping kids become global citizens

September8, 2018
by admin

Global education empowers and motivates people to become responsible and active global citizens.

Global Education incorporates learning about the issues and problems that helps in cutting down the national boundaries and describes how the interconnectedness of the systems work say- cultural, economical, ecological and technological.

In layman terms, global education is a unique approach of learning the universal values of solidarity, justice, toleration, non-violence and co-operation.

Global education commences with the rising awareness of global complexities like inequality, poverty degradation of human rights and much more. The main objective behind global education is to transform people’s attitude by making them aware about their roles.

How are teachers helping kids become global citizens?

To assist students grow into socially aware and informed global citizens, educators must allow them to explore distinct languages, cultures, traditions and their history. Teachers should also motivate their students to critically think about the leading political and social issues. And also take them closer to the resources in order to serve them with a better insight.

Below mentioned are three tips that can help teachers in transforming their students into global citizens:

Utilize human right issues as a discussion platform:

Students of all backgrounds, age and race can find human rights similar to some extent.  This can be a great point to commence your awareness discussion. Teachers can also create human right objectives and can make their students walk on the path to become successful global citizens.

 Use technology:

Technology can help in establishing connection to the entire world. The internet is flooded with a plethora of resources, commentaries and other suitable stuff that is required for students of all ages.

Additionally teachers can also rely on some applications in order to get in touch with global participants or other classes. With the help of technology, students can present what they are doing to inspire the rest of the world.  Students can share these projects and can upload them to join with the collaborators across the globe.

Follow a learn-think-act process:

Learn-think-act is one of the best ways used by the educators to introduce their students to the global citizenship.  It works in the following way:

Learn:  “Learning about the issue, analyzing it from all angles and trying to figure out what can be the possible consequences”.

Think: “Critically thinking what can be done to resolve the issues while determining the nature of any action and power”.

Act: “Taking actions on these problems and issues on global levels, both collectively and individually”.

In order to be effective, global citizens students should be creative, proactive and flexible. They should be able to resolve the issues and co-ordinate well with their groups and teams. These skills can’t be acquired without active learning methodologies. As it is the only way to make them ready as global citizens.

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