Latest trends in online tutoring (for k-12 grades)

September7, 2018
by admin

In the past few years, eTutoring has emerged as the most recognized learning practice. Continually pervading our lives, this learning technology is impacting the whole world.  This is due to its par excellent benefits and global reach.

Since the introduction of online learning, 2d printed books seems a thing of past. Tutees are finding it more convenient and easy to understand when compared with traditional-old-school practices.

Psychology says that a student is more likely to grasp the thing he/she sees or listen, rather than reading or writing it.  Every school and class is moving towards online learning with a huge pace. The day is not far when the whole world’s institutions will offer this technological learning. Here are the trends that are grossing in online tutoring:

Mobile based learning:

The industry has encountered a huge spike or growth in the stats of mobile learning in recent years. With the increasing number of smartphone users, it’s simply easy to transfer and access content on the go. These mobile devices are taking-over the things that were only meant to be offered by computers. Smartphones have stolen the show of anywhere and anytime learning. These are more portable to carry anywhere. Students have begun to show deep interest in mobile learning with the help of numerous tutor apps available in the market.

Cloud based learning:

Everything that is digital is moving towards cloud. This is one of the major reasons why online tutors are switching to cloud platforms. Online tutoring is all about anywhere and anytime. ‘Anywhere’ can be possible with the help of your mobile device while ‘anytime’ is justified by cloud-based learning. Because of lack of storage or accessibility ease, these platforms are moving to clouds to bestow their students with even better services.


Reading a book or solving a mathematic problem seems boring right? The most grossing trend in online tutoring is making everything in the structure of a game. Solving problems through the means of games is way better than tangling in mathematical problems. Various surveys have reported that students find it more interesting playing these lesson games while acquiring knowledge. This virtual game world provisions newer ways or learning. Hence, cater the tutees with honing skills throughout.

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality:

Long gone are the days when students used to stick to their desks for gathering technology. eTutoring has changed the face with the introduction of AI and augmented reality. This marriage of two technologies gave birth to technological practice that is worth appreciation.  With the help of artificial intelligence, these online applications are programmed in a certain manner. Students get enrolled in this and get the latest education and knowledge.

Some final words:

Technology evolves every single day, so students should be aware about it. Is it possible to print a book regularly on new education and technologies? Simply no! Only with the help of eLearning, this thing can be possible. As lessons are prepared and circulated to the whole group of students. This industry is looking forward to welcome new trends that are way more engaging in revolutionizing educational fields.

Seeing this, students should opt for this new mode of learning for their overall improvement as well as staying in pace with technological study trends.

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