6 ways how game-based learning can help your child

September8, 2018
by admin

Every child adores playing games and there’s nothing better than teaching the content through gaming. Game-based learning has caught a rapid pace and every institution is adopting it for more student engagement.

In this era of digitalization, delivering the content via gamification is a proven solution to bestow education and cultural activities at the same time. Game-based learning is loaded with the capabilities to instill instantaneous motivation and learning experience that is both effective and efficient.

Prevent your children from becoming a book worm. Here’s how game-based learning can help:

Boast self learning and motivational skills:

Perhaps one of the toughest challenge teachers around the world tackle is, keeping their students motivated and interested all the time. Without proper motivation, the grasping power becomes nil. This has been scientifically proved too.

So the question is how to maintain the motivation and interest level?

Game-based learning helps in boosting the motivational levels and delivers instant results. As these games are more fun to play, students are always eager for their turn and are always cheered up with motivation.

Helps in developing soothing hand and eye co-ordination:

Hand and eye coordination is something every child deserves in order to be successful in his future. Game-based learning requires a gamepad and screen which helps in educating your children about how a computer works and also assists in developing hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive growth:

Every time children are indulged in playing these learning games, they perform certain cognitive actions. This includes remembering the rule, recalling the hazards, tracks and strategies of how to play the game.

They will be required to think rapidly and take immediate action which is a plus point traditional learning methods lack off. Game-based learning is much more effective and provision higher rates of retention when compared to book learning.

Digital Literacy:

In order to give a neck-to-neck competition to the emerging technology, students need to be aware of it. With the help of game based learning, it becomes extremely easy for them to understand the how’s and why’s of the technology.

Also they develop superior ethics, communication skills and accountability.

It is magical for kids with attention disorders:

Game-based eLearning has tremendous benefits for kids with attention disorders. Psychiatrists have even stamped this statement. When a child is completely enrolled in playing a game, his attention lacking automatically revives, so he becomes more focused and developed.

Feedback, feedback and instant feedback:

Giving timely feedback is one of the crucial key that keeps the child motivated for whole time. It’s not however possible to deliver instant feedback when dealing with traditional book learning.

And these gamefied software provide the result immediately so the player gets to know how his performance was and where he lacked.

Game-based learning can jazz up the classroom environment while bestowing quality services at the same time. Also it helps in subtle development of social, cognitive and physical skills. A proven fact states that- education grasped by gamefied learning is tend to retain longer from other learning methods.

At Tutor Olives, children are taught with the help of several game-based learning methodologies to help them engaged in a better way.

So why keep your children in boring and technically lacked classrooms? Get them admitted in an eLearning program from Tutor Olives and gift them a better tomorrow.

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